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Project management processes fall into five groups:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
  5. Closing

Why we are a best choice Preparation option.

Our courses are taught by Project Management Professionals who have 20 years plus of Project Management Experience.  We follow PMI Direction.  We use RMCLS preparation tools and guides.  It is to our professions benefit to help you elevate your career as a Project Manager.  Join us and experience our experiences.

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Let us customize your company's Training Program.  We will provide Classroom Management Consulting as well to provide educators the tools to effectively restore and maintain a cooperative learning environment. 1-888-451-4773 extension 101.

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  • Training programs trained on-site
  • Development of specified training for various levels of your employees

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Six Sigma Certification
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PMI or Six Sigma

Do you see where your special skill in Project Management is best serviced?


 Main Differences Between the PMP and Six Sigma Certification

Here are some of the differences between a PMP and Six Sigma certification:
• A PMP focuses on enhancing the success rate of projects. A Six Sigma-certified employee focuses on finding and eliminating defects within a specific process.

Six Sigma

 A certified Six Sigma professional goals to minimize wasted time, effort, and money on a particular process, while a PMP professional focuses on how to plan and build a project.
• Six Sigma projects have a continuous control period, while project management focuses on completing a project by a deadline.
• A Six Sigma professional uses data-driven methods and statistics to
identify and solve a challenge, while a PMP project manager uses standardized practices to deliver a project that meets a pre-determined goal efficiently.
The main distinction between Project Management Professional (PMP) and Six Sigma lies in the Methodology.
PMP uses different project management principles and processes to enhance the success rate of the projects. On the other hand, Six Sigma leverages statistics to know the defects and eliminate those defects forimprovement in the quality of the process.
Six Sigma and PMP Stand on Common Ground
Implementing a new process or improving a current one can require dealing with mountains of details and coordinating large numbers of people. Both Six Sigma and help make the team’s efforts to develop a process methodical and manageable by providing a five-step map for organizing team efforts.
Project Management methodology leads teams through achieving a new process by giving them five general steps to follow.
Monitor and Control
Six Sigma also has five stages that help focus a team’s attempts to tackle a project.
The two methods also use similar tools to develop processes. Both Six Sigma and use Fishbone diagrams, Flowcharts, Pareto diagrams, Histograms, and Control Charts to further means to start and run smoothly.
Similarities Between Six Sigma and PMP Certifications
Help professionals improve process performance
Employ a five-phase methodology
Both are globally recognized and in demand by employers
Apply to various functional areas across industries
Help employees add value to their organization
Expand career opportunities
Lead to higher earnings potential
How Do They Work Together?
A project manager is a champion in implementing the project, and Six Sigma Belter is an expert at identifying and solving a challenge. When blended, a professional can obtain a problem and then use PM How Do They Work Together?
A project manager is a champion in implementing the project, and Six Sigma Belter is an expert at identifying and solving a challenge. When blended, a professional can obtain a problem and then use PMP skills to ensure an adequate and effective solution gets implemented.
Meghna Arora
I am aspiring for Senior Program & Project, Customer/Client, Operations Management assignments as I am a seasoned PRINCE2 Certified Professional.
skills to ensure an adequate and effective solution gets implemented.